Pre-Order/Reserve List [09.11.20]

11 Sep

Now accepting pre-orders/reserves for the following:

  • Cults – Host (CD $14.99 / LP $24.99)
  • Daniel Romano – How Ill Thy World Is Ordered (CD/LP $19.99)
  • Deradoorian – Find The Sun (LP $19.99)
  • Keith Urban – The Speed Of Now (CD $14.99)
  • Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism (CD $14.99 / LP $19.99)
  • Neil Young – The Times (CD $14.99)
  • Osees – Protean Threat (CD/LP $19.99)
  • Sarah Davachi – Cantus Descant (CD $19.99 / LP $24.99)
  • Steve Arrington – Down To The Lowest Terms (LP $19.99)
  • Sumac – May You Be Held (CD $19.99 / LP $29.99)
  • Yusuf – Tea For The Tillerman 2 (CD $14.99 / LP $24.99)

And from the Criterion Collection:

  • Beau Travail by Claire Denis (DVD $29.99 / BluRay $39.99)

…and more!

Reserves are recommended for all new releases! Call (360.293.9788) or e-mail (nick[at]thebusinessanacortes[dot]com) your reserve request. Please include your full name, phone number, item and preferred format. Be advised that sometimes prices change before release day. There is no extra charge to pre-ordering and you do not pay for the item until pick-up. We will call you when your order arrives. If you wish to have the item(s) shipped, there is a $5 flat rate.

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