New Stuff This Week

18 Mar

American Water by Silver Jews LP

Asleep On The Floodplain by Six Organs Of Admittance LP

Assume Crash Position by Konono No1 CD

Black Grass by Little Wings LP

Bruise Constellation by Circle Pit LP

Bunny Gets… by Red Red Meat Deluxe Reissue 2xCD

Camoufleur by Gastr Del Sol LP

A Chorus Of Storytellers by Album Leaf LP

Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus LP

Crookt, Crackt Or Fly by Gastr Del Sol LP

Diary by Sunny Day Real Estate x2 LP

Do What You Will by Papercuts 7″

The Doctor Came At Dawn by Smog LP

Dongs Of Sevotion by Smog 2xLP

Double Jointer by Golden Triangle LP

The Drag City Hour by V/A CD

Drakkansasauna by Drakkar Sauna CD

Dynamite Steps by Twilight Singers 2XLP

Empty The Sun by Joseph Mattson/Six Organs Of Admittance Paperback Book + CD

Fading Parade by Papercuts LP

Give Up by Postal Service 2xLP

Gold by The Fucking Am LP

Greatest Palace Music by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy CD

Green One by Colleen Green 7″

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will by Mogwai 2XLP

How It Feels… by Sunny Day Real Estate CD

Hypnotic Underworld by Ghost CD

Jabraham Lincoln by Drakkar Sauna LP

King Night by Salem LP

La Sera by La Sera LP

Lie Down In The Light by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy LP

Light Of A Vaster Dark by Faun Fables LP

LP2 by Sunny Day Real Estate x2 LP

Napa Asylum by Sic Alps 2xLP

The Natural Bridge by Silver Jews LP

Not Music by Stereolab 2xLP

Original Soundtrack by Trash Humpers CDEP

Rough Travel For A Rare Thing by Bill Callahan 2xLP

Rover by Drakkar Sauna CD

S/t by Squirrel Bait CDEP

Several Shades Of Why by J Mascis LP

Spiritual – Mental – Physical by Death LP

Spur Of The Moments by Spur LP

Sunset/Sunrise by Dutchess & The Duke LP

Through The Sun Door by White Magic CD

Unlearn by Fergus & Geronimo LP

Upgrade & Afterlife by Gastr Del Sol 2xLP

Waiting For You by King Midas Sound LP

Wars And Tornadoes by Drakkar Sauna LP

White Stag by White Rainbow LP

Wild Love by Smog LP

The Wonder Show Of The World by Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang LP


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