New Stuff This Week

28 Jul

Spotlight on some stuff this week that you’ll probably want:

Dark Dark Dark – Bright Bright Bright EP [2010]

Dark Dark Dark stopped by the store this week and gave one of the best in-store performances we’ve had. Though the band calls the Twin Cities their home, they seem to mesh well with the PNW scene… not just because they are a great band, but because their music fits in so well. Many people compare the band’s sound to Bob Dylan’s folkier moments, but there’s so much more: it’s complicated, bluesy and sad. It’s a sound that is a culmination of the best of the Midwest, Eastern Europe, and Appalachia with a touch of slow jazz you might hear on an old record at a funeral. If you’ve not listened to them since their debut, you need to hear this EP. I guarantee you will like this. Refreshing.

Folk/Country | LP | $10.99

Local Natives – Gorilla Manor [2010]

Several months ago, I booked these guys at the Department Of Safety (R.I.P.) and nobody came. Now, I can’t keep this record in stock. It is consistently a bestseller. Though released in 2009 in the UK, it has been a slow but steady adoption here in the US in 2010. By the end of this year, I predict you won’t be able to escape these songs, nor their mention on many top ten lists. Their sound will make you an addict. Your proof is that these guys came from relative obscurity to a record everyone wants. Consensus is that on their tour with The Magnetic Zeros and Fool’s Gold, they were definitely the best band there. Though the vox aren’t my style, they certainly have the ability to hook anyone with an ear for solid radio jams using 3-note guitar spurts. Don’t believe the unhype, pick this up before it gets too trendy. You won’t stop listening. A+.

Pop/Rock | LP | $16.99


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