New Stuff This Week

6 Jul

Wanted to spotlight a couple of things new to the store this week:

Able Baker Fox – Voices [2008]

Here’s an album that I think has been overlooked by way too many people. I loved The Casket Lottery (put on one of the most energetic live shows I’ve seen), and Able Baker Fox proves that they’ve still got it where it counts. It manages to veer far enough away from pop-punk while remaining catchy and not overly aggro-. As with The Casket Lottery, the angular guitar lines and solid rhythm are the highlights on this record. In all, this one is over well before you’re ready to stop listening to it. Comes in attractive black/blue vinyl.

Indie Rock | LP | $19.99

The Art Museums – Rough Frame [2010]

Though descriptors like “post-punk” and “psychedelic” might turn people off, this release is better than good. Maintaining the accessibility of something like The Shins with broader experimentation, it was wide appeal. Regardless of the genre you decide to give it, here’s what you get: jangly guitar, bass, minimal percussion/drum machine. In all, it’s somewhat reminiscent of early ’90s Brit-pop melodies. In that way, it’s beautifully retro. Those of you familiar with the late ’80s/early ’90s Flying Nun-style sound will appreciate this one, for sure. Don’t pass it up.

New Arrivals | LP | $15.99


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